An Overview of Worship


Worship is at the heart of our beloved community, and its purpose is spiritual transformation—both personal and collective—for the service of our world.  In our liberal religious tradition, worship happens as we lift up the mutual aspirations and commitments that arise from our diversity. Through ritual, word, and song, we connect as a community, re-orient ourselves into harmony with our values, hold up what unites us, and prepare to return to the world—strengthened and renewed. 

In Unitarian Universalism, we have many ways of addressing the divine. You will hear many words for spirit or God. We understand that we have different ways of experiencing the sacred.

We have core rituals. We lay stones of joy and sorrow around our chalice. We dedicate our offering to our larger community. We pray, understanding that prayer is less about praying itself and more about how we are moved by our prayers to act in our world. 

Our worship is intentionally multi-generational. We believe we’re all worshiping beings, no matter our age, and that we all benefit by worshiping together. That’s why all worship together for the first half of the service and then children leave for their own worship service.  Professional nursery care for children up to age 4 is available during all Sunday-morning activities, including during the worship service and religious education.