Invitation From Our Minister

Rev. Dawn Fortune

Greetings!  Thank you for your curiosity about our congregation and our faith. 

Unitarian Universalism is a progressive religious tradition. We have varied ways of naming the divine, various understandings of the sacred, and diverse political views. Some Unitarian Universalists also identify as Humanist, Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Jewish, Buddhist, or Earth-centered. What we share is a profound respect for the truths in all religions and a foundation of moral values anchored in a deep and abiding affirmation that all of life is connected and that our sacred purpose is to love one another and to serve our world.

In Unitarian Universalism we accept each other as we are, while also affirming that our sacred call is to live in harmony with our values, which we acknowledge is a hard thing to do. For us, spiritual growth is a progressive alignment of our life with the values we hold dear. 

There are three pillars in Unitarian Universalism: love of life, connection to each other, and service to our world. This is the path of spiritual growth for us. We worship together, we learn together, and we serve together. 

Our values have guided our social-justice commitments. As a congregation and denomination, we’ve focused on equality for sexual and gender minorities; equal rights for women, including reproductive freedom; environmental sustainability; racial justice; immigration-policy reform, and economic justice.  

We know that life is complex and complicated. We know there will always be twists in the journey. We know we’ll make mistakes. Our covenant with each other is to journey together in the spirit of respect, trust, and mutuality. This is how we love life, connect to each other, and serve our world.

I hope you’ll visit us some Sunday morning.  We would be so pleased to welcome you!

 Yours in faith,

Dawn Fortune