Pathways to Membership

How do I become a member of Emerson Unitarian Universalist Chapel?
Membership at Emerson Chapel means that you have decided that this is your spiritual home and that you wish to join in the covenant of our religious faith. Being a member of this community of faith is what makes the meaning of our religious identity as Unitarian Universalists come alive.

There are five steps that you take to become a member at Emerson:

  1. Let someone know. Speak to a greeter, Rev. Fortune, or someone on the Membership team.
  2. Attend the Pathways to Unitarian Universalism series that Rev. Fortune offers three times a year. If this class is not taking place at the time you wish to become a member, you may certainly join as a member and take the class the next time it is available.
  3. Complete the membership application, which includes a financial pledge to the congregation.
  4. Rev. Fortune and a member of the Membership team will make arrangements to meet with you to talk about how we can support you in making this your religious home.
  5. Sign the membership book in the presence of two board members.

You will be recognized as new members during the Joys and Sorrows ritual that takes place every Sunday. In addition, several times a year, we formally recognize those who have recently joined the congregation. You will be invited to the next recognition that takes place after you have joined. If you have children, then your children are also invited to participate in the ceremony.

Rights of Membership

  1. A VOICE at the Chapel - You have the right to be heard and to participate in making decisions about Chapel life. This includes the right to vote at congregational meetings and the right to chair committees and to serve on the Board of Trustees.
  2. A VOICE in our denomination. You have the right to represent the congregation as a delegate at the Central Mid-West District Assembly and the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association should you be elected to do so by the board and/or the congregation.
  3. All rights of passage - child dedication/baptism, marriage, holy union, funeral, memorial, and other rights of passage.
  4. Pastoral care from our minister and/or Pastoral Care Team should it be needed.
  5. You also receive the magazine UU World, a quarterly publication of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Responsibilities of Membership

  1. Active participation through regular Sunday attendance, volunteering, attendance at congregational meetings, participating and supporting congregational events and activities, and helping once a month with Sunday morning worship set up duties, if physically able, as part of a "MESH team."
  2. Committing to your own religious and spiritual growth.
  3. Financial support of the congregation. We are completely funded by the voluntary generosity of our members and ask that all members make a generous monthly pledge to support the ministries of the Chapel.