Preschoolers through third-graders

Children in this age group are invited to worship with adults for the first part of the worship service and then recess to Children's Chapel, a worship service especially geared to their ages. Their service and the one in the Sanctuary cover the same topic and end at the same time, and, after a brief intergenerational fellowship time, all religious-education classes begin.

Preschoolers through third-graders
At these ages, children learn by doing. The Spirit Play curriculum, inspired by the Montessori method, features activities such as creating art, reading and/or listening and responding to stories, making music, and dancing. Each Sunday's class echoes the worship theme of the day.


  • Children learn from each other as they explore Unitarian Universalist values.
  • Children learn cooperation and leadership.
  • Parents know children can learn values to guide their entire lives.

Fourth- and fifth-graders

During the religious education hour, fourth- and fifth-graders are invited to join either Spirit Play, mentioned above, or the Junior High Youth Group's religious education activities.