Emerson Chapel's Religious Education program celebrates lifelong learning and spiritual growth. It aims for participants to be spiritually fulfilled and compassionate members of local and global communities.

Emerson Chapel's Religious Education program doesn't dictate answers in the search for truth and meaning. It encourages children and adults to find their own. It helps parents provide a liberal religious education for their children.

Religious Education leaders adhere to Emerson Chapel's Safe Congregations policy, and each Religious Education program offers parents and other adults many volunteer opportunities.

Youth Religious Education


Infants 0 through
3 Years Old

0 through 
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Children: Pre-K through 5th Grade

Pre-K through 
5th Grade >

Junior Youth: 6th through 8th Grade

6th through 
8th Grade >

Senior Youth: 9th through 12th Grade

9th through
12th Grade >

Adult Religious Education

Sunday Programs

Emerson Chapel's Sunday Adult RE programs are held after most services. These programs engage, educate, and challenge participants on a variety of topics, with frequent focus on ideas raised by the same morning's service.

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Weekday Programs

Weekday Adult RE programs typically have a more consistent, specific focus than Sunday Adult RE programs. They also most always have an explicit aspect of building community and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

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Pathways to Membership

Individual or family experiences with Emerson Chapel may lead people to choose to become officially designated members of the Emerson Chapel community. Emerson is a Welcoming Congregation and accepts people as members regardless of creed, class, age, race or ethnicity, sex, gender identity or expression, immigration status or nationality, ability, or sexual orientation.

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