Unitarian Universalism is a tradition rooted in the practice of "transforming ourselves, our communities, and our world." In this spirit, members and friends of Emerson Chapel work for social justice in various capacities.

"Love First" Racial Justice Efforts - With the recent, high-profile killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tanisha Anderson, Tamir Rice, and other black Americans, there has been increased attention paid to the history of racial injustices in this country and to the present-day racial injustices that affect communities of color in real and significant ways. Accordingly, Emerson Chapel's "Love First" Social Justice team has been active in several ways in order to help advance racial justice as part of the movement that has swelled across this country. Contacts: Pat Baker and Sarahn Bastian.

M-SLICE Partnership - Emerson Chapel regularly works with the Metro St. Louis Committee on Inclusion and Equity (M-SLICE) and with members of the Kensington neighborhood of North St. Louis on beautification projects to improve the neighborhood space. Contact: Jan Seyer.

Emerson Chapel's Collection Plate - Emerson Chapel donates the entirety of its weekly collection plate to an organization that works to advance justice in the world. The Love First team identifies each year's list of recipients, and the Love First team, the Children's Religious Education team, and the Adult Religious Education team work with the recipient organization to create programming centered on building the Emerson community's understanding of the organization and the justice issues that they address.

Past recipients include

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in these efforts, please contact us by email (office@emersonuuchapel.org) or by phone at (636)-757-3633. We’ll connect you and the group leader, who will be happy to speak with you.